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The Flint Hills of Cowley County flow northward from the Kansas/Oklahoma
line through  Southern Kansas'  historic border area and blend gently into  
the subtle, expansive,  tallgrass prairie of East Central  Kansas. Cowley's 

Flint hills Border-land holds powerful stories of settlement at a time when our

present nation was explosively forming at the expense of heratage and traditions of 

an ancient culture.  In this place, culture and values continue to be treasured

and held in high esteem.
Ranching still richly abounds across these beautiful rolling hills. Daily life continues to be
tightly clad here in the warm, unique, nostalgic, "out west" culture that is sadly seen to be 
disappearing in America.  As a visitor, you can experience the lifestyle of the small towns

and touch the wonderful  flavor of the backroads and countryside with a

promise to reveal one-of-a-kind moments your heart will fondly grasp forever.


This is a Portal to Eastern Cowley County.

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