Bridge's Common Name

Year Built

Creek Arch Number Size Builder 2008 Traffic GPS Location Regis-tered
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Badger Creek Bridge 1900 Badger 1 Arch 14.1'- Deck     78.0'- Length Unknown 15 37o11'45"N 96o55'59"W 196th Rd SE Winfield x
Poor Farm Bridge 1910 Black Crook 1 Arch 20.0'- Deck   38.0'- Length Unknown 75 37o13'28"N 96o58'22"W Joel Mack Rd So Winfield x
Crab Creek Bridge 1900 Crab Creek 1 Arch 14.1'- Deck 57.0'- Length Unknown 10 37o08'28"N 96o44'42"W Crab Creek Rd- SW Dexter x
Rock Creek 1910 Rock Creek 2 Arches 13.8" Deck 130.9' Length Unknown 25 37o26'50"N 96o58'30"W 2 Mi East Rock x
Stewart Bridge


Stewart Creek 1 Arch 14.4'- Deck 83.0'-Length Hammon Contractor & Builder 10 37o2306"N 97o03'38"W (E of Udall) So off K15 on 51st Rd x
Martin Bridge (Colglazier or Means) 1920 Bullington Creek 1 Arch 20.0'-Deck 27.9'-Length Unknown x 37o11'05"N 96o42'55" 1 mi So Cowley 28 on Grouse Creek Rd x
Spring Creek Tributary 1925 Spring Creek Tributary 1 Arch (Concrete) 21.0'-Deck 90.9' Length Unknown 100 37o06'00"N 97o05'06"W 122W on Skyline Rd  Eof 31st NW Ark City x
(Photo not yet Available) Bucher Bridge 1905 Eightmile Creek     Walter Sharp 10 37o27'45"N 97o02'20"W 4miW, 3N, 1 1/4 E of Rock National Register
Timber Creek Bridge 1908 Timber Creek 1 Arch (Gone?) 14.1'-Deck 60.1'- Length Unknown 5 37o18'10"N 96o57'24"W On 122 Rd off of 101Rd- North on College to 111Rd, then to 122, Then W x
Elrod Bridge 1915 Timber Creek 1 Arch 15.7'-Deck 74.2'- Length Unknown 10 37o24'58"N 96o43'52"W C46 Rd N of Baltimore on 231st Rd (SE Atlanta) x
Floral Bridge 1906 Timber Creek 1 Arch 14.1'-Deck 60.1'- Length Walter Sharp Co 50 37o20'46" N 96o54'59"W So. Floral or NW New Salem x
Fromm Bridge 1917 Grouse Creek 1 Arch (2nd filled) 14.1'- Deck 117.1'-Length Walter Sharp Co 15 37o22'36"N 96o39'07"N 4 Mi N. Cambridge x
Neer Bridge 1910 Grouse Creek 2 Arches 13.5'-Deck 106.0'-Length Unknown 15 37o23'25"N 96o38'42"W 5 mi N. Cambridge x
Fox Bridge (or Howe, or Ellis) 1910 5 mi N. Cambridge 1 Arch 12.1'- Deck 113.8'-Length Unknown 10 37o23'53"N 96o37'55"W 6 mi N. 2 E of Cambridge x
Pudden Bridge 1890 Grouse Creek 3  Arches 13.1'-  Deck 182.1'-Length Unknown 25 37o08'08"N 96o46'53"W 232 Rd So Dexter off Grouse Creek Rd National Register
Andes (or Yadon) (or  Old Silver Creek Swimming Hole Bridge) 1890 Silver Creek 2 unequal Arches 14.1'-Deck 143.0'-Length Walter Sharp Co 15 37o12'04"N 96o50'36"W 3 So US160, 2 E Cowley1 National Register
Muret (Hart) Bridge


Silver Creek 1 Arch 14.1'- Deck 96.1'-Length Walter Sharp Co 25 37o08'33N 96o51'56"W 5 So Us160, 1 E Cowley1 x
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Cowley County, The Stone Arch Capital of KS (and possibly the United States)

People from across the United States come to visit our historic stone arch bridges. There are only 1,707 of these in the entire Nation. Additional historic, Cowley century bridges can be found on private land (where public access is not available), Cowley county is fortunate to still have more than seventeen stone arch, 100 year-old bridges with available GPS coordinates at Many are also listed on A total of 52 historic bridges aged over 75 years of varying construction materials are listed on that site for Cowley County.

It is true that most of these bridges are on public roadways, but it is also true that the land next to the roads are on private land. Courtesy (as well as Kansas law) requires land owner's permission to trespass on all land adjacent to roadways or waterways.